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Julie 6230

02/04/23.  Julie is a very cute, spayed and chipped 2 year old, small frame GSD who comes from a rural shelter.  Her history is unknown.  She tips the scale at just under 50 lbs. 

She does ok in the car and gets along with all the other dogs she’s been introduced to so far.  The foster Malinois she lives with fell in love with her and wants to play with her constantly.  Did well at the vet, where everyone loved her. 

Her manners are improving, and she is now fully house trained, but anyone who adopts her can expect a period of regression until she can build her confidence.  She is the type of girl who needs to feel safe in her new setting, so a gentle and patient hand would work best with her.  Her need for activity is medium-high due to her age.  Julie is very friendly and affectionate once she gets comfortable in her environment.  Does not display serious separation anxiety, with the caveat that, so far, she’s always been left in the company of at least one other mature dog.  If you leave the house longer than ten minutes, expect her to jump for joy upon your return.

Children are ok only if interactions can be properly supervised due to her tendency to jump and nibble, which incidentally have gotten a lot better since she first came to me.  Cats unknown. 

If you are an approved adopter, and you think you can give Julie a loving home, contact arivederci@aol.com.

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